TaurusElite™ Transcatheter aortic valve system
(product candidate, currently in the clinical trial stage before the Listing Date)

TaurusElite™ is the second-generation TAVR device developed based on TaurusOne®. Compared to TaurusOne®, TaurusElite™ ’s DCS has a retrievable function. The Company initiated a multi-center clinical trial for TaurusElite™ in December 2019.

TaurusElite™ has a similar product structure as TaurusOne®, and also consists of a PAV, a DCS and an LS. Its PAV, which is the same as that for TaurusOne®, also consists of a self-expanding nickel-titanium frame, sealing skirt, leaflets and the materials of leaflets are imported bovine pericardium.

TaurusElite™ ’s DCS has a retrievable function. During a procedure, the retrievable function allows a physician to retrieve the PAV before it is fully released so the physician can readjust PAV’s position and orientation when needed.

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